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Fireproof Movie Review

Welcome to Christian Movies Recaps. We are glad to have you. Today, I will recap a 2008 Christian movie called, FireProof. Let’s get started. The Fireproof movie begins with a scene from 25 years ago where the voices of a mother and her daughter can be heard distinctively.

Immediately we are taken to a firefighter department, where we meet a young man named Caleb, who is to be a senior officer among his colleagues in the company.

fireproof christian movie review
fireproof movie

The scene changes to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, where we meet a decent lady named Catherine, Caleb’s wife, as she arrives at her workplace. She is met by a senior doctor who seems interested in her, which even the receptionists take note of.

The movie shifts to a home setting where Catherine visits her ailing mother, who cannot talk. Catherine is disturbed by her condition wishing she could talk because she needs her advice.

This fireproof movie takes us back to Caleb’s house, where we learn that the couple, Caleb and Catherine, are having issues in their marriage. Caleb is mad at his wife, whom she blames for not being responsible since Caleb never finds cooked food at home.

On her side, Catherine blames Caleb for negligence, always being on television and the internet, and not being mindful of her. The two cannot tolerate each other.

Caleb Goes to the Gym After Heated Argument

Caleb heads to the gym to escape her toxic wife, and he meets his friend and colleague at work, Micheal. After exercising, Caleb points out to Micheal how she barely copes with her wife, who does not respect or care about him, to which Micheal responds that he has also been in the same shoes and understands. While asked how he overcame it, Micheal says it was through the help of a counselor.

This Fireproof movie takes us back to Caleb’s house, where the chaos between the two continues. Caleb leaves the house at night and hits everything he meets on the way before he realizes his neighbor Mr. Rudolf, was watching him all along.

fireproof christian movie review
fireproof movie

In the following scene of the Fireproof movie, we see Catherine having dinner with her friends and colleagues, who advise her not to submit to her husband and to stand her ground. She breaks down as she realizes that her marriage is in the blink of falling apart.

We are introduced to a different scene, where two young men and two young ladies heading to a party meet on the road in their cars and decide to race against each other to know who will pay the bills at the party. While Caleb and his colleagues are relaxing at the workplace, the siren immediately goes on, indicating an emergency has just occurred.

Micheal, Caleb, and His Colleagues Save Teens

They all rush out, and on arriving at the scene, the four young adults competing at the party had gotten involved in a fatal accident that had wrecked their bodies between the shuttered cars.

The worst cases are one car crash on the railway track and a train is already coming. With no cranes or forklifts, the firefighters are left without an option but to lift the car wreck with the two girls inside with their hands and hopefully get it out of the railway track before the train arrives.

fireproof christian movie review
fireproof movie

With the help of bystanders, the men fight tooth and nail to shift the car and save the lives of the girls trapped inside, risking their own lives as well. Micheal is so emancipated by the incident and can only thank the Lord for saving his life, as he misses death by an inch.

The Scene shifts to Caleb’s parents’ home, where Caleb has gone to seek advice concerning his marriage which is about to break.

His Father takes him out and tries to advise the young man on the best way to save his marriage, which Caleb rejects, calling it religion, but the father promises to send him a package later to help him.

The Fireproof movie immediately shifts to the hospital cafe, where we see Dr. Keller, Besides being married, continue to advance towards Catherine, who seems to get along with him, citing the marital crisis she and her husband are going through.

Caleb Starts a 40-Day Journey as per the Diary

In the following scene of the Fireproof movie, we see Micheal also giving Caleb advice on why he should not give up on his marriage. Caleb responds by blaming her wife for insubordination. Later, Caleb checks his emails, only to find the package his dad had sent him as promised.

The package is a diary that contains a 40-day journey of self-evaluation and development to become a better person and, consequently, a better husband.

fireproof christian movie review
Fireproof movie

Caleb begins reading the diary immediately and exercising everything the book teaches. All of a sudden, Catherine realizes weird behavior from her husband, especially the unusual kindness, which she speculates to have some ulterior motives.

As her friends advise her, she believes Caleb wants to lure her into an idea and escape with all their fortune, which is quite the opposite.

As a result, Caleb’s efforts to win her back are frustrating, discouraging him greatly. He almost quits doing what the diary instructs, but he surges on with the encouragement of Micheal and his dad.

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All this while, we see Catherine and Keller getting closer and closer. They two go out for coffee dates together, and Keller even buys her a rose and sends her letters.

Caleb Gets Born Again

In the following scene of the Fireproof movie, we see Caleb making attempts even to prepare a candle dinner for his wife. Still, he is greatly disappointed as Catherine cannot believe anything he is doing to be genuine. Frustrated and discouraged, Caleb calls his father, who invites him to the village again.

While there, his Father brings him to the place of facing the truth and helping him to know that all his efforts will remain futile and fruitless if he continues to engage them without first engaging Christ in his own life.

fireproof christian movie review
Fireproof movie

A point at which Caleb surrenders his life to Christ. His Father prays for him, and in the next scene, we see Caleb at his workplace, testifying to Micheal, who is already a Christian, that he has joined him in the Faith.

Micheal is delighted at the news and embraces and congratulates him on taking the bold life decision. He also advises that henceforth he needs to focus on changing his heart as that was the only solution to his marital crisis.

Caleb Saves a Girl from a Burning House

Immediately we are drawn to an emergency response by the firefighters, where Caleb and his colleagues head to a rescue mission. On arrival, They meet a house in flames, and after enquiring, they find out that there is a girl trapped inside.

Caleb gets into the blazing house with the help of his colleagues. The house is fully smoked, and the attempt to save the girl almost seems impossible. He boldly dodges the flames and landing where the girl is. He realizes though the girl is alive, she has passed out due to lack of oxygen.

fireproof christian movie review
Fireproof movie

Since he cannot go back by the front door, he decides to break into the basement to save the girl after all his screams from the window go unheard.

He surges through falling wooden blocks on fire while holding the girl tightly and makes it to the basement ventilation, which he knocks open, and the colleagues come to their rescue.

The scene in the Fireproof Movie shifts to the Hospital where Catherine works, and Caleb, with all the survivors of the fire horror, has been taken for a check-up. Though his wife comes and finds him being cared for by a nurse, she does not show any sympathy and instead mocks him and leaves since Dr. Keller was also among those attending to him.

Caleb Breaks Free From Pornography

The Fireproof movie shifts to Caleb’s house, where he sits before his computer. At this point, we realize that Caleb has been addicted to pornography, a vice that has caused a great rift between him and Catherine. One of the instructions from the diary suggests that he gets rid of every parasite in his life, sucking his energy and destroying him.

Caleb realizes that his addiction has been a terrible parasite, and he decides to do away with it by first destroying the object he was using to access the sites. He smashes his computer into pieces and replaces the computer with beautiful flowers and a message to his wife.

fireproof christian movie review
Fireproof movie

Though she finds it, Catherine cannot bring herself to believe anything that Caleb is doing. Immediately we see Caleb holding some papers in his hands and breaking down, realizing that his wife has filed for a divorce.

The scene shifts, and we see Catherine glad to receive the news that the wheelchair her mother needed, which she had been raising funds for, had been fully paid for and taken to her at home. Catherine goes ahead to thank Keller, whom she believes must have been the person who funded the project.

Back home, Caleb discovers the letter that Keller, also named Gavin, had sent to his wife. He heads to the Hospital and confronts the man, warning him to stay away from his wife. Catherine somehow misses out on the incident, after which Dr. Keller changes his plan for their dinner date and stays off her.

Catherine Transformation

In the following scene of the Fireproof movie, Caleb returns from his morning routine, only to find his wife’s bag and car keys on the couch, showing that she had not reported to work that day. Caleb immediately heads to her room, since the two sleep in different bedrooms, where she finds her lying on her bed looking sick.

fireproof christian movie review
Fireproof movie

He probes her to find out if she is okay, to which she responds that she will be fine. Caleb goes out, and after a few minutes, he returns with medication to make her feel better. She obliges and takes the medication but cannot but notice the great change and improvement in her husband’s behavior.

She asks Caleb why he is being kind to her, to which he responds by sharing his journey of transformation and how God has changed him using the book his dad sent him. They are both moved to tears as they begin the healing process.

The next day, Catherine discovers that it was not Dr. Keller who had paid for her mom’s wheelchair but her husband, shocking news that moves her to the core.

Caleb’s Marriage Saved

She later heads to Caleb’s workplace, apologizes for all she has done and begs forgiveness. The two reunite and embrace each other while kissing as Micheal witnesses joy.

fireproof christian movie review
Fireproof movie

Caleb calls back home to tell his Father the good news and joins him later to thank him for not giving up on him.

He also leads his wife to Christ, where he is led. The Fireproof movie ends with the couple renewing their vows for the second time, but this time as Christians, in a ceremony attended by family and friends.

That’s all we had for you in this Fireproof movie based on a true story. See you in our next recap.


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